Natalie Portman Would Totally Take Parenting Advice From Ashton Kutcher

Natalie Portman has always been adept at keeping her personal life out of the spotlight, but now that she's sporting an un-hideable baby bump, those days are loooong gone. The actress' pregnancy—along with her engagement to choreographer Benjamin Millepied—is one of the biggest celebrity stories of the year. And after all those years of protecting her privacy, Natalie says that the glut of attention has taken some getting used to.

"The weird thing is people knowing about something that's so private," she told MTV News. "But I mean, you get used to it. It's just wild to walk down the street and have a complete stranger be like, 'Congratulations!'"

Sorry, girlfriend—that's what you get for being preggo and famous. And like any expecting mother, it's a fair bet that Natalie will be on the receiving end of a whole lot of unsolicited advice as well. But she said that when it comes to parenting tips, she's really hoping to get some feedback from "No Strings Attached" co-star Ashton Kutcher.

"Ashton's a very good parent!" she exclaimed. "He would always come in with stories about what went on over the weekend, talks he had with one of his stepdaughters—obviously nothing that would betray their privacy, but I can tell he's such a committed parent."

But, she added, Ashton's expertise won't come in useful until a bit later on: "I've got awhile to go—he's got the sort of teenage girl advice."

Very true. And in the meantime, we hope she'll be on her toes. Because Ashton might be a fabulous parent, but let's be real: We wouldn't put it past him to punk a baby.

Would YOU take parenting advice from Ashton?