'Cosmopolis' Loses Marion Cotillard, Gains Keira Knightley As Robert Pattinson's Love Interest

It looks like there's been a near-complete turnover of actors on the set of David Cronenberg's upcoming thriller "Cosmopolis." First Robert Pattinson replaced Colin Farrell as the film's protagonist Eric Packer, and now The Playlist is reporting that Keira Knightley will replace Marion Cotillard as the female lead and love interest. Certainly gives the flick a different feel.

The Playlist cited a couple of potential reasons for Marion's departure. Her reps told them she had to leave the project because of a scheduling conflict, which they think could be her upcoming baby. But Marion was a much better fit for a romantic interest when Colin was the lead. We have a feeling the switch from her to Keira became necessary when Rob came on board, since Marion is 10 years older than he is.

Keira worked with Cronenberg over the summer for the period flick "A Dangerous Method," so it appears the two must have really hit it off. And she and Rob make a good match in our opinion, considering they're both Brits of the same age and comparable acting abilities: She proved her worth on "Pirates of the Caribbean" while he became a global sensation thanks to "The Twilight Saga." As for whether they have the chemistry to pull off playing husband and wife, well, we'll just have to wait and see.

"Cosmopolis" begins filming in May in Toronto and New York City. It will be Rob's first movie after "Breaking Dawn" wraps, and his fourth major film outside of the "Twilight Saga" since the franchise shot him to super-stardom. His latest, "Water for Elephants," hits theaters in April and has a decent amount of buzz, but it seems fair to say that skeptics are waiting on his performance in the circus drama to decide whether or not he has the chops to become a serious dramatic actor.

Press play on the video above to hear what Rob has to say about taking the role in "Cosmopolis."

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