'Skateland' EXCLUSIVE Trailer: Ashley Greene Goes Retro, Romances Shiloh Fernandez

Have you ever wondered what a teenage existential crisis would look like... on wheels? Well, wonder no more! Thanks to "Skateland," the angsty indie darling that got plenty of buzz during last year's Sundance Film Festival, we'll have a chance to watch one unfold this spring. And we've got an EXCLUSIVE look at the trailer!

Opening March 25, the movie features some familiar faces: Shiloh Fernandez (also known as the smoldering hottie from upcoming film "Red Riding Hood") as a 19-year-old roller rink manager who's suddenly confronted with The Rest of His Life, and Ashley Greene (why yes, that is Alice Cullen from "Twilight") as his frustrated love interest.

The trailer keeps things pretty mysterious (is that a car chase or just some drunken tomfoolery?) but with a cast like this, we can definitely count on a superbly acted cycle of small-town heartbreak, teenage drama, violent fallout and ultimate redemption... and, of course, a serious hit of rollerskating nostalgia. (The film is set in 1983. Ah, memories!)

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