'Breaking Dawn' Honeymoon Photo Officially Hits The Web: What Do You Think?

After your impassioned response to the leak of the new "Breaking Dawn" honeymoon picture last week, we figure the only thing better than seeing Robert Pattinson on the Golden Globes red carpet tonight is the official Summit Entertainment photo. It really is that much better without the graininess.

The photo is a bit more intimate than we originally thought after peeping last week's sneak peek. Edward gently touches Bella's locks while she trails a finger down his cheek. And, uh, they're pretty naked by "Twilight Saga" standards.

As we said before, this shot looks like it's taken before pillows are shredded, a.k.a. during the act. There's no way Edward would end up with his hair perfectly styled like that after the night Stephenie Meyer described.

But that's another thing: Stephenie's version of Bella and Edward's first time is a lot more chaste than what we're seeing depicted here. From what I remember—spoilers here!—Bella and Edward wade into the water around Isle Esme for some sexy time and then Bella wakes up the next morning and asks, "Why am I covered in feathers?"

This might seem like a silly question to some, but are you okay with director Bill Condon taking a more racy approach to Bella and Edward's first time? Are you looking forward to seeing the two of them consummate their passion onscreen, or do you wish the film followed the novel's subdued route? And how many of you have a countdown until this film hits theaters in November?

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