'Winter's Bone' Star Jennifer Lawrence Shows Off Her Impression Of 'Jersey Shore''s Snooki

"Jersey Shore" has done an interesting thing to viewers' affections since its debut in late 2009: What was once a guilty pleasure has become a full-on television love affair. Look no further for proof than the reality show's famous fans.

Leonardo DiCaprio was one of the series' most high-profile aficionados early on, even going so far as hanging with the cast! More recently, Ashton Kutcher told MTV News that he is a "huge fan" of the crazy popular series (he assured he was a fan from the get-go and that he's never missed an episode) and that he "can fist-pump with the best of 'em!"

Now you can add likely Oscar contender and hot up-and-comer Jennifer Lawrence ("Winter's Bone") to the ever-expanding list of celebrities who adore "Jersey Shore."

While taking a moment to chat with our own Josh Horowitz at the National Board of Review Gala, Jennifer (who just so happens to be competing for a Critics' Choice Movie Award AND a Golden Globe this weekend) 'fessed up about her fascination with our beloved Seaside dwellers. "I love 'Jersey Shore'!" the actress said on the red carpet.

Though Jennifer doesn't think they need to play up their infamous behavior for the current season ("It's gonna turn into 'Cops' if they amp it up anymore," she joked) she was happy to play along and do her best Snooki imitation. Jennifer, getting in to full-on Snooki mode ponders, "Where's the beach?!" and then, "Where's New York?!"

Of course, being the multi-talent that she is, Jennifer has another imitation up her sleeve: "The Situation"! She shows off Sitch's trademark look by sticking out her tongue and then mimes him pulling up his shirt to show off those abs he's so proud of.

If there were an award for being a good sport on the red carpet and attempting to do their best imitations of Snooki and The Situation, we'd certainly have to hand it over to Jennifer Lawrence!

Are you impressed by Jennifer's imitations?