A Brief History Of 'Twilight''s Bella And Edward In Bed

That steamy new honeymoon photo from "Breaking Dawn" sure has everyone talking, but the tease from Bella and Edward's big sex scene is definitely not the first time we've seen the two of them in bed. In fact, pretty much every major—and hot!—romantic scene these two lovebirds have shared has taken place in a bed. Talk about some major foreshadowing!

To keep our minds off just how long we have to wait until "Breaking Dawn: Part 1" hits theaters (10 months, 4 days, 12 hours), we've decided to take a look back at all the other times our favorite couple have, you know, shared sheets. You're very welcome.

Let's start back at the very beginning. Want to know how Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart got cast as Edward and Bella? They made a very convincing display of passion while making out on Catherine Hardwicke's bed. Now that's how you win a job interview.

The first time is always the most special, and for me (we're getting a little personal here) it wasn't until the first time Edward kissed Bella on her bed that I totally bought not only the two of them as a couple but also Rob and Kristen. Let's not forget Edward then proceeded to sneak into Bella's room and cuddle with her every night from there on out.

"New Moon" was a bit of a downer, what with Edward away brooding and all, so Bella spent most of her bed time by her lonesome (not that Jacob didn't try to win her over with those abs), but Edward and Bella were back in action in "Eclipse." First they cuddled and kissed in her bed as Edward discussed the weighty decision Bella was making to give up her soul and be changed. Then he went out and bought his own bed so they could have some place to canoodle during Bella's first Cullen sleepover. And without that, we never would have had the leg hitch. Which catches us up to all the boudoir goodness we're anticipating in "Breaking Dawn." Don't let us down, Bill Condon!

Click on the image above to see our entire photo history of Bella and Edward in bed! And while you're at it, press play on our video to take a walk down memory lane with Catherine Hardwicke who describes that first, juicy bedroom scene to MTV News' Tim Kash.

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