Taylor Swift Goes 'Back To December': We Raid Her Apartment!

Today marked the debut of Taylor Swift's new video for "Back to December," a sweet ballad about lost love, bitter regret, and begging for a second chance—in this case, a second chance with a delicious, shaggy-haired actor (who we have to admit does kinda-sorta resemble former boyfriend Taylor Lautner, the rumored inspiration for the song.)

But as cute as that boy is, he's not the only covet-worthy item featured; the video is set primarily in a nicely decorated apartment that looks like something straight out of a catalog. So while we listen to "Back to December" on repeat, we're also putting together our very own wishlist inspired by the pretty things in Taylor's video pad.

1. Oxford stripe sheets by Ralph Lauren

While Taylor was wailing and flailing on the bed, we couldn't help noticing that it was decked out with some cute, stripey pillowcases. (Tear stains not included.)

2. Waffle-knit cardigan by Angel Mak

Apparently too brokenhearted to put pants on, Taylor spends the duration of the video weeping onto the shoulder of a very comfy-looking sweater.

3. Industrial chair by Urban Outfitters

Taylor's "Back to December" apartment has an industrial-looking chair in the corner of the bedroom—the better for peering out of windows in search of the ex-boyfriend, probably.

4. Printed canvas by IKEA

Every regretful single girl needs an artfully-propped painting of a flower on the floor.

5. Owl cookie jar by Anthropologie

This video clearly demonstrates that when the sheer strength of your poor, hurt feelings causes it to actually snow inside your apartment, it is important to have several vaguely affronted-looking animal tchotchkes to really bring home the weirdness of it all. We prefer this owl over the snow-covered dog.

What would you most like to take home from Taylor's new video? Tell us in the comments and on Twitter!