'Breaking Dawn' Photo Shows Kristen Stewart And Robert Pattinson -- Naked! -- During Honeymoon Scene

Let's face it, the thing we're most looking forward to in "Breaking Dawn: Part 1" is that sex scene.

I mean, yes, we're excited for the wedding and we're interested to see how director Bill Condon deals with the whole pregnancy fiasco, but really what we're counting down the days to is Bella finally asking why she is covered in feathers. And Summit Entertainment is well aware of that.

The first official picture of Bella's hand clutching those aforementioned feathers was released at the end of November, and that honeymoon scene took place the morning after Bella and Edward's big night. Now Entertainment Weekly's new issue, which hits newsstands this week, has an image of a different part of Bella's body during the same scene. Before you get excited, we're talking about her face. More after the jump.

This movie still, which fans got a sneak peek of on "Entertainment Tonight" and some sneaky "Twilight" fan sites posted online, shows Bella and Edward snuggling (naked!) under the sheets in that same Isle Esme bed. Since the pillows have yet to be ripped, we have a feeling this photo might actually be from the sex scene itself.

Judging by the way Edward is looking at Bella and the sweet way her finger is tracing his face, we're thinking this sex scene is more emotional and adorable than hot and heavy. We're totally fine with that, though, since word on the street is we get another very sexually charged bedroom scene in "Part 2" after Bella becomes a vampire.

Bill Condon told EW about the scene, "I spent a tremendous amount of time thinking about it. The anticipation is part of it and you want to play with what people expect and maybe subvert it a little and surprise them."

What tricks do you think Bill has up his sleeve? Do you like the new picture?