Blake Lively, Emma Watson, Jennifer Lawrence Shortlisted For Taylor Lautner's 'Incarceron'

When you're a teen heartthrob making eight-figures per film, you tend to attract some pretty high-profile leading ladies. Such is the case for Taylor Lautner, who is starring in the upcoming adaptation of the young adult novel "Incarceron."

Deadline has the scoop that Fox 2000 is in the process of casting his romantic interest (a young woman named Claudia), and that their top three picks are "Gossip Girl" actress and geek dream Blake Lively, "Harry Potter" starlet Emma Watson and likely Oscar contender Jennifer Lawrence.

Those are three surprising and very different picks to star opposite Taylor. Claudia is the daughter of the warden of Incarceron, a brutal prison sealed off from the rest of the world where Finn (Taylor) is trapped. She, simultaneously, is trapped in the Realm, which is modeled after the 17th century.

Find out which of the three actresses we think is the best choice after the jump, and then cast your vote for who you think should co-star!

Full disclosure: I haven't read "Incarceron," but from what I've read of the description, Blake Lively seems way too old for the role (and too tall to be a believable love interest for Taylor). She's a great fashionista and will prove she can handle sci-fi/fantasy in "Green Lantern," but she just doesn't have the right look for a girl living her life in a faux 17th century world.

Emma, on the other hand, seems like she would be the perfect fit for the character, but she has too much baggage with her from "Harry Potter" to star in a movie opposite a "Twilight" hottie. It sounds obnoxious to say, but if it were the two of them starring as romantic interests in a film, that is all the film would be about, though it would probably get tons of people to the theater. Also, isn't Emma trying to give up acting?

That leaves Jennifer Lawrence, who in my opinion seems like the best pick for the role. She's proven she's great with dramatic roles in "The Burning Plain" and "Winter's Bone," is the right age and has the right look to play opposite Taylor, and will prove her nerd cred in the upcoming "X-men: First Class" (she's playing Mystique). That, and she's not too well-known to overshadow what is ultimately Taylor's star vehicle. Plus, I think the two of them would look adorable together.