'Mortal Instruments' Star Lily Collins Discusses Her Favorite 'City Of Bones' Scene

As part of Lily Collins' recent 11 to Watch in 2011 interview with MTV News, the 21-year-old actress spoke at length about starring in the upcoming adaptation of the "Mortal Instruments" book series, touching on how she won the role of Clary Fray and which Hollywood hunk she could see playing Jace Wayland.

In fact, she had so much to say, we couldn't fit it into just one story. Throughout her lengthy comments about Cassandra Clare's supernatural series, Lily made clear she's a big fan of the material. She knows the ins and outs of each character and can speak eloquently about each one's motivation and story arc. And knowing the books as well as she does, Lily is keyed up for one scene in particular when she begins filming "City of Bones," the first installment in the series, this spring (readers unfamiliar with the books should be aware of spoilers after the jump).

MTV: What's the one scene you're really excited to bring to the big screen?

Lily Collins: There are so many fight scenes that are amazing. But Clary's journey is all about self-discovery. She's finding out throughout the story what she's actually capable of and figuring out her feelings toward two guys, as well as her mom, as well as when we find out who her dad is. There's the moment when she discovers she is the one—there's this thing called the Mortal Cup, which is what everyone's searching for—and she finds she's the only one who knows where it is because she draws it in a book.

MTV: How closely are you guys going to stick to the gritty tone of the books?

Lily: That's what I'm so excited about. [Director] Scott [Stewart] is really taking the grittiness of the book into the film. There's a party scene where we go to visit this warlock, and it's very urban New York, but with a magical twist. I'm excited to become part of this gothic, dark world.

MTV: Were you a fan of the series before you got the part, or have you just recently discovered the books?

Lily: I was definitely aware of the series. I grew up loving "Harry Potter." I loved magic. Growing up in England in the countryside, you run around a garden thinking there are fairies everywhere. I've always been into magic and gothic things and darker, grittier stuff. My mom is very into gothic things like that as well. When it came to reading, I tended to choose books that encompassed all those different characteristics. Along with "Harry Potter," I loved "Mortal Instruments" and "Hunger Games."

MTV: In your mind, how does "Mortal Instruments" differ from those other series?

Lily: I feel the "Mortal Instruments" series is so different, because it's set in New York, it's urban, but it's also got that underground, trance-y feel. It's a series that based on a girl heroine. She's not just a girl that's there for the guy. A lot of girls can relate to her because she's a regular girl who finds out she has these amazing powers and can do more than she expected. I'm in the process of finishing all the books, because I want to make sure to read them over and over and over, just to be able to know the way that Cassandra has written her and to go back and collaborate with Scott. They want me to be involved in it, which is something that not a lot of people at this stage can say—that filmmakers want their advice.

Which "Mortal Instruments" scene are you excited to see brought to life? Are you even more of a Lily Collins fan now after reading her thoughts on the series? Tell us in the comments and on Twitter!

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