People's Choice Awards: Our Five Favorite Moments

Last night's People's Choice Awards were filled with many exciting moments (and a few awkward ones), but unsurprisingly, we were a bit biased towards the times our favorite actors and actresses got to take the stage and be acknowledged for how wonderful they are.

Even if you didn't tune in last night, you probably already know that the "Twilight" gang continued their domination of fan-voted awards shows, though Johnny Depp and Zac Efron beat out Rob, Kristen and Taylor for two of the statues (Favorite Male Movie Star and Favorite Star Under 25). But there were plenty of other happenings we loved from the ceremony. Click on after the jump to see our five favorite moments from the People's Choice Awards!

Kristen Stewart's acceptance speech

For starters, Kristen didn't drop her trophy—great for her but not as fun for us, I suppose. But the fact that she let slip that she had been "a vampire this morning" makes her speech worth remembering. Bring on "Breaking Dawn"!

Queen Latifah's doctor skit

We don't cover all of our favorite medical dramas here on Hollywood Crush, but suffice it to say that we thought it was pretty funny when Queen Latifah performed a sketch that poked fun at "Private Practice" (maybe if they weren't making out all the time, they'd know she wasn't Korean!), Doctor Drew, and "Bones." But Kathy Griffin really stole the show when she came in at the end and tried to snag hosting duties from the Queen.

"'Single Ladies' Devastation" wins!

Maybe I'm swayed by the fact that I hadn't seen the "'Single Ladies' Devastation" YouTube video before last night, but seriously. Funniest thing to happen at the awards show. Also, since when was Favorite Viral Video Star a category?

Johnny Depp wins favorite actor

Fun fact: Did you know Johnny Depp has won Favorite Male Movie Star every year he's been nominated? And that's five times? He's an old hat at it by now, but it's nice to see that he truly appreciates his fans who keep bringing him back year after year. Maybe his speech at the Golden Globes will be just as appreciative.

Taylor Lautner throws punches at Robert Pattinson

Blah, blah, blah... "The Twilight Saga: Eclipse" won Favorite Movie, Favorite Movie Drama and Favorite Onscreen Team... whatever! What we love is that it's clear Rob, Kristen and Taylor are BFFs both onscreen and off. When Rob got to the mic before Taylor, T started throwing faux punches at his onscreen frenemy because apparently he wanted to be the first one to give a speech. And Rob, like any annoying big brother, didn't want to give that to him (though he eventually did). Adorable!

Runner up: Taylor Lautner walks Kristen Stewart onstage

This would have made it on the list if it had been Rob instead of Kristen. Darn you two! Acknowledge your relationship in public!

What were your favorite moments from the People's Choice Awards?