Emma Roberts, Ashley Tisdale Prepare For The People's Choice Awards In Today's Tweet Dreams

Awards shows are an all-day event for celebrities, and our favorite stars started getting ready for tonight's People's Choice Awards early this morning. "People's choice Awards today!!" Emma Roberts tweeted. Sounds like our favorite "Scream" queen will be making an appearance at tonight's ceremony. The PCA twitter account tweeted at "Private Practice" star Kate Walsh (who is nominated and also getting ready for tonight's show), "@katewalsh we love that you refer to us as "peeps choice" - Has a nice ring to it!" Conan O'Brien admitted, "I almost decided not to attend the People's Choice Awards because I thought it was all the sick whim of Mario Van Peebles." And "Hellcats" star Ashley Tisdale already started prepping for the big night, tweeting, "Gettin my nails did with my mommy for People's Choice!"

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@sn00ki People don't understand that i LOVE to JOKE around....so dont take everything i say seriously. Im being silly. #letmelive

-Snooki, Reality TV Star ("Jersey Shore")

@capricecrane Snooki: "I Used to Black Out and Wake Up in Garbage Cans Monthly." Oscar the Grouch: "Didn't touch her. Not once."

-Caprice Crane, Chick-Lit Author and CW Screenwriter

@azizansari Does anyone think all these dead birds and fish is a viral marketing campaign for the movie Country Strong?

-Aziz Ansari, Comedian and Actor

@jimmykimmel Hey @DamonLindelof and @CarltonCuse - you saw the lottery numbers, get back to work.

-Jimmy Kimmel, TV Host ("Jimmy Kimmel Live!")

@pattonoswalt Plane shaking like a rock polisher. Captain: "Whoa! Take your seats! NOW!" #idonotwanttodiewatchingLIFEASWEKNOWIT

-Patton Oswalt, Comedian and Actor ("Ratatouille")

@RL_Stine The horror continues: People are pretending that everything is normal. Yet thousands of birds drop dead in the sky. And now two million fish are reported dead in Chesapeake Bay. Won't anyone realize we are living in a horror movie?

-RL Stine, Horror Writer

@vanderjames Method - I convinced myself I once played a dorky teen idol RT @PamelaWilson3 have to ask Re FOD skit! Method acting or classical training?

-James Van Der Beek, Actor ("Dawson's Creek")

@Joan_Rivers Just landed in LA. Now I know why I must fly first class. If God had wanted me to travel in coach, he would have made my ass smaller.

-Joan Rivers, Television Personality

@mindykaling Diddy's like: "you got to get that witch to witch prison!!!" Nic Cage is like "ohhhh shit."

-Mindy Kaling, Actress and Screenwriter ("The Office")