Bryce Dallas Howard Becomes The Face Of Kate Spade: Here's A History Of 'Twilight' Star Endorsements

We don't know a lot about advertising (we're journalists, after all!), but we have enough common sense to know that when a company secures a celebrity endorser from a franchise as all-consuming as "The Twilight Saga," it has to be a good thing. So kudos to Kate Spade, who, according to Women's Wear Daily, just signed Bryce Dallas Howard (a.k.a. vampire Victoria) as their first-ever celebrity face.

"The Kate Spade offer came up and I kind of lost my mind," Bryce said. "There's something about that brand that, from a young age, I really, really, really connected with."

Though this deal marks Bryce's first ad campaign, she's certainly not the first "Twilight" star to promote a product or cause. Here's a brief history of "Twilight" star endorsements, from flavored water to furry animals.

In early 2010, costar Kellan Lutz also became the face (or, rather, body) of a designer clothing line, when he followed in the steps of Mark Wahlberg becoming a Calvin Klein underwear model along with "True Blood" star Mehcad Brooks. We were not complaining about just how much we got to see of Emmett Cullen.

And that wasn't the first time a "Twilight" star stripped for an ad. Christian Serratos famously revealed it all (well, almost) in a PETA ad that claimed, "I'd rather go naked than wear fur." Just two months later, Ashley Greene donned nothing more than body paint for SoBe Lifewater ads.

Michael Welch took a unique approach to promotion, signing up with Aczone, an acne prevention cream. He starred in a series of "High School Musical"-style shorts where he sang and danced his way into our acne-hating hearts. Plus he's just all-around adorable.

Last but not least, there's Robert Pattinson. Okay, so he's never appeared in an ad campaign proper because he thinks "it's a little early to start selling out," but he did admit to us that he "kind of unintentionally endorse[s] Coca-Cola. I drink it... I'm drinking it all the time, constantly." Coke representatives, are you listening?

Click on the photo of Ashley to view our entire flipbook of "Twilight" star ads (Kellan's abs included)!

Do you think it's good that "Twilight" stars are using their power to endorse the products they love?