MULTIPLE CHOICE: Which Hollywood Hunk Do You Want To Kiss For New Year's?

With the ball dropping in less than 48 hours, the rush is on to stockpile all the New Year's Eve necessities—a little bubbly, funny party hats and, unfortunately, those annoying party blower things. Sadly, one item this writer has yet to lock down is a midnight kissing partner, and since I plan to spend the evening with my female bestie, it's likely I won't find one at all. Wah, wah, wah. BUT, that doesn't stop me from fantasizing about which Hollywood hunk I'd pucker up to if given the chance. Yeah...I've got several in mind. How about you? Which dreamy celeb would you plant a New Year's smooch on if you could? Vote in our poll after the jump. If we didn't include your favorite, make sure to give him a shout-out in the comments!