Stars Are Wowed By 'The Fighter' And 'True Grit' In Today's Tweet Dreams

With a little under a month until the nominations for the 2011 Oscars are announced, celebs are making sure they're ready to receive their ballot by checking out all the Academy Award front-runners. The Mark Wahlberg and Christian Bale boxing biopic "The Fighter" (which has already stacked up a bunch of accolades, including Golden Globe nominations) knocked out some tweeting celebs including the Pussycat Dolls' own Ashley Roberts who wrote, "Just saw Fighter....genius!! I got so into the boxing. Woohoo. Wish real boxing was still that intense. Bale was amazing." She wasn't the only one wowed by a supporting role in the flick, as Olivia Wilde wondered, "Just watched The Fighter. Sooo should I go drop off Melissa Leo's Oscar right now?"

Some stars made sure to check out the latest from the Coen Brothers, their remake of the Western classic "True Grit." Nick Jonas (pictured) was especially impressed by its leading man Jeff Bridges as he posted from his page, "Just saw True Grit! Jeff Bridges is awesome," while actor Rob Lowe quite simply stated, "True Grit" is True Genius."

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@kerrikenney They've stopped playing Xmas music on the radio. Does this mean I have to stop eating gingerbread cookies for breakfast?

-Kerri Kenney-Silver, Actress ("Role Models," "Reno 911!")

@hollymadison123 I'll volunteer to try pajama jeans

-Holly Madison, Reality Star ("Holly's World," "Girls Next Door")

@devonesawa Lady Gaga needs at least 8 hours to get ready. First she must decide on what she's gonna wear. Then she must pull it out of the freezer...

-Devon Sawa, Actor ("Final Destination")

@aus10nichols I invented the word WEBISODES back in '97. Still havn't received any credit. Other words I invented: Bromance, Chillax, Ridonculous.

-Austin Nichols, Actor ("One Tree Hill")

@morissette so in love with my new nuclear family xoox

-Alanis Morissette, Singer

@ashleymgreene Christmas card from my wonderful brother. Love being with my family during the holidays. Nothing better.

-Ashley Greene, Actress ("Breaking Dawn," "Eclipse")

@therealzooeyd Is it still "the most wonderful time of the year?"- it's definitely the weirdest most creepy quiet. That's for darn sure.

-Zooey Deschanel, Singer, Actress ("(500) Days of Summer," "Elf")