Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber, Kim Kardashian: Here's How They Celebrated Christmas

Crushers, we hope you had a wonderfully relaxing Christmas and received every little thing your heart desired! While we were busy indulging in Christmas dinner, putting our pop-culture presents to good use and avoiding this horrific blizzard sweeping the East Coast, our favorite celebrities were getting into the holiday spirit as well. And, as a little belated present to you guys, we're giving you a neatly wrapped recap of all their crazy holiday shenanigans.

Let's start off with the bad news. Ryan Reynolds and Scarlett Johansson officially filed for divorce, but fortunately they still remain great friends. But that depressing announcement was balanced by news that "Big Love" and "He's Just Not That Into You" star Ginnifer Goodwin got engaged to her boyfriend Joey Kern!

While we were busy avoiding the feet of snow covering our homes, some stars were able to escape to warmer climes. Cameron Diaz and her boyfriend, Alex Rodriquez, went on a nice little paddleboarding excursion in Los Cabos, Mexico, Rihanna went home to Barbados and attended a house party with her friends and family, while Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt hightailed it to Namibia with kids in tow and did some last-minute shopping.

But not all celebs went to such exciting places. Miley Cyrus went home to celebrate Christmas with her family in Nashville, and she and kid sister Noah made use of Noah's new karaoke machine by singing "Can't Be Tamed." Justin Bieber went to the Fairview Park Mall yesterday to go sunglasses shopping (does the kid need more shades?!) which sparked a major case of Bieber fever. "Gossip Girl" Jessica Szohr went to Milwaukee to bake cookies with her cousins and grandmother (maybe one of our new favorite celebrity cooks?). And John Mayer just continued to be inappropriate in NYC.

Kim Kardashian spent the holiday at home for the Kardashian holiday party on Friday, and hung out with her step-brother Brody Jenner and his sk8er boi girlfriend Avril Lavigne. Demi Lovato left rehab to open presents with her family, while Elijah Wood hung out with "The Daily Show"'s newest member (and all around geek dream girl) Olivia Munn on Christmas Eve.

Hands down, our two favorite celebrity Christmas adventures were probably not from the celebrities you would have most expected, though. Zachary Levi, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Alyssa Milano and BooBoo Stewart headed to The Los Angeles Mission on Christmas Eve to serve up meals to those less fortunate (can we get a collective "aww" for our favorite Buy More employee?), while Javier Bardem dragged his very pregnant wife Penelope Cruz to watch the Lakers get beaten by the Miami Heat on Christmas. Just look at that face! She's totally thrilled to be there. That is true love if we've ever seen it!

What did you do for Christmas, Crushers? Have any cool celebrity run-ins?