Taylor Swift And Jake Gyllenhaal Among MTV News' Top Couples Of 2010

Hollywood isn't just an axis of entertainment, power, and talent—it's also a rotating hookup heaven for hot young celebs. (Ah yes. This is what happens when too many pretty people swim in the same dating pool.) But while 2010 saw plenty of ogle-worthy canoodling , not all famous romances are created equal. Who were the hottest couples of the year? We've rounded them up!

Let's just start with the obvious: Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, whose finally-kinda-sorta-confirmed romance this year proved that if "Twilight" fans want something badly enough, they can, in fact, will it into existence.

But Robsten wasn't the only famous pair to sell tabloids by the dozen: Katy Perry and Russell Brand became a much-discussed item with their engagement just after the New Year, and their antics over the next few months were so fun to watch that we were almost sorry to see them end the tomfoolery and actually tie the knot. (Oh, you crazy kids. Don't ever change!) Not only that, it seems like their musician-with-movie-star romance set off a flurry of copycats—including two more of this year's top couples.

Taylor Swift and Jake Gyllenhaal began appearing in public together back in October, setting off a firestorm of rumors that finally culminated in an obviously-official relationship (and a few family meetings!) over Thanksgiving. And then, of course, there was the unlikely love affair between Chelsea Handler and 50 Cent—was it real? We don't know. But they make such an adorably odd couple!

And finally, the most turbulent of this year's romances: a hookup from inside the MTV family. Ronnie and Sammi, who fell in love during season one of "Jersey Shore," were on-again-off-again after revelations about Ronnie's catting around. But as of this writing, they're back together—and we're looking forward to seeing things get serious during the upcoming third season.

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