'Chalet Girl' Trailer: Ed Westwick Hits The Slopes--And Uses His British Accent

There are worse things than living and working in the stunning Swiss Alps and not knowing how to ski. But apparently if you're a chalet girl—basically a foreign housekeeper in a ritzy ski resort (like an au pair, but for cleaning)—it's pretty much the worst sin in the world. Or so we've learned from the new trailer for "Chalet Girl," a movie about a, uh, chalet girl that's set to come out February 11.

Luckily our British heroine has a natural talent for snowboarding, and thus makes waves in the posh world she's transplanted into. It's essentially your typical "poor girl in rich world" fish-out-of-water story, but with winter sports.

Here are five reasons why we're intrigued by the trailer:

1. We can hear Ed Westwick's natural British accent in all its glory! Now we don't have to rewind the "stay tuned for an all-new 'Gossip Girl'" voice-over to hear his Queen's English in action. And he seems to be playing a nice guy for once—albeit a rich one. Guess you can't get away from typecasting even if you play a different nationality.

2. It's a girly movie about snowboarding—how badass is that? There aren't enough winter sports movies. It's just a shame they missed their Winter Olympics hype window. Think of all the built-in publicity it could've gotten if it came out a year earlier.

3. Sophia Bush! Girlfriend still hasn't managed to transition into movies. Why? She is so great! If only we saw her in more than just a freeze frame in this trailer. Also—this seems to be a very British movie, so explaining the American girl's presence would be nice. It would also explain Brooke Shields.

4. Felicity Jones is very pretty and seemingly relatable. Plus, she has the most British-sounding name ever and a gorgeous smile.

5. If you watched until the very end, you caught a glimpse of Nicholas Braun from the late, great "10 Things I Hate About You" TV series. He's also in "Prom"—good to see the before-its-time cancellation of "10 Things" isn't holding him back.

What do you think of the "Chalet Girl" trailer? Will your CW loyalty force you to see it? Tell us in the comments and on Twitter!