Trio Of 'Twilight' Stars Headed To TV: Here's How Their New Roles Compare

Say what you will about "The Twilight Saga," but the franchise certainly does well for its actors and actresses. Case in point: Rachelle Lefevre, Jamie Campbell Bower and Christian Serratos have all landed their own television series since hanging out with some sparkly vampires. Does that good luck extend to reporters who write about "Twilight" as well?

Audiences will decide whether the shows make the cut or not, but most of them might not even recognize the actors from their roles in "Twilight." After all, Rachelle is going from an evil vampire to a sexy doctor practicing in South America in "Off the Map," Jamie landed the massive role of King Arthur in Starz's "Camelot" and Christian is going back to high school in an as-yet-untitled ABC Family series about private school. However, we think these new roles have more in common with their "Twilight" parts than one might notice at first blush.

Christian Serratos: From Forks High to California private school

Christian won our hearts as Bella's first friend in "Twilight," and she proved that high school isn't so bad when compared to the fantastical world of vampires. So it really isn't such a big leap for her to play one of four ethnically-diverse teens who go to a private school in California. At least this series will let her spread her acting wings a bit more than "The Twilight Saga" since she'll be tackling some pretty weighty material like behavioral disorders and terminal cancer.

Jamie Campbell Bower: From vampire royalty to medieval royalty

The Volturi really aren't all that different from King Arthur's court, barring the fact King Arthur didn't live off of blood and there aren't any love triangles between Aro, Jane and Marcus (that we're aware of). But Jamie Campbell Bower portrays serious royalty in both roles, though he'll be more of a hero in "Camelot" (premiering April 1) than he was in "The Twilight Saga."

Rachelle Lefevre: From evil vampire to romantic competition

Rachelle Lefevre's Victoria made Bella's life a living hell, and it looks like she'll also cause some drama in "Off the Map" (premiering January 12), judging by the series' recently released trailer. Better warn that brunette not to get between Rachelle and her man, though, because we all know that doesn't turn out well for anyone.

Are you excited to see all these familiar "Twilight" faces headed to the small screen? Tell us in the comments and on Twitter!

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