Tom Sturridge Has Been 'Waiting For Forever' In EXCLUSIVE New Trailer

Just when you thought Robert Pattinson had mastered the art of the smolder, his best friend Tom Sturridge decided to give him a run for his money in this new trailer. Hollywood Crush got an exclusive first look at the trailer for his upcoming indie love story "Waiting for Forever," and there's definitely plenty of longing and pent up affections to go around.

The film (out February 2011) follows Tom's character, Will Donner, as he tries to win the love of his childhood sweetheart, Emma Twist, played by "The OC"'s Rachel Bilson. Though the two have been separated since Will moved away from their hometown, he still holds a serious flame for Emma and decides to return in order to win her over once and for all. Unfortunately, the situation is a bit more complicated than that.

While we still aren't entirely sure what exactly is going on in the "Waiting for Forever" trailer (sick father? Will's delusional faux relationship?), we can tell you one thing: It has a lot of actors in it that we love to love. "The Vampire Diaries"'s Matthew Davis plays Aaron, the man who actually has a chance of marrying Emma (though we'll place our bets that they don't end up together). Then there's "Eurotrip" hottie Scott Mechlowicz as Will's brother Jim, who tries to talk some sense into his lovelorn sibling.

Despite Tom's previous roles in "Vanity Fair" and "Pirate Radio" and his friendship with RPattz, we think it could be this leading role in "Waiting for Forever" that catapults Tom to definite dreamboat status. Then, by the time his team-up with Kristen Stewart and Garrett Hedlund in "On the Road" hits theaters, he'll be ready for the Hollywood big leagues. We're glad you jumped the pond and came to hang out with us crazy Americans, Tom, because we need to add to our collection of sexy young Brits!

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