Ryan Reynolds, Scarlett Johansson Breakup: 5 Celeb-Friendly Ways To Heal A Broken Heart

We all know break-ups aren't easy, but recently split celebs must deal with a whole slew of annoying circumstances we could never dream of. Take Scarlett Johansson and Ryan Reynolds, for instance. Unlike most of us, their break-up was more than just Facebook fodder (darn those sad little broken hearts)—it was front page news! Every tabloid, entertainment news show and blog (we're guilty too!) reported the sad circumstances of the split. There's just nowhere to hide—or is there? Stars have one advantage that us mere mortals don't: lots and lots of money. How can a famous girl or guy get over a breakup in peace? We have a few (costly) ideas:

1. Rent an island

Most people hole themselves up in their room with a big box of tissues post-breakup, but that doesn't exactly work for celebs, who always have paparazzi just a few feet away. That's why we're suggesting a deserted island to cut themselves off from the world. That means no checking e-mail or gossip rags, just beach-side peace and relaxation. We like this parcel of land in Belize for just $12,000 a week!

2. Indulge in delicious dishes

Who can resist drowning their sorrows in a pint of ice cream (and other delish foods), while trying to get over a break-up? Most of us turn to our BFFs Ben & Jerry or Chinese takeout for comfort, but for the well-off celeb we suggest going a step further and splurging on the $1,000 Golden Opulence Sundae (yes, it really exists) at New York's Serendipity 3, or maybe just a very expensive hamburger. Our mouths are watering already...

3. Enlist the services of the Millionaire Matchmaker

After a break-up, most people ask their friends to set them up, but celebs can do one better. They can hire Patti Stanger, a.k.a the Millionaire Matchmaker, to find them the real man or woman of their dreams. Of course, we wouldn't suggest appearing on her reality show to find a mate, as that would pretty much go against the whole "keeping it private" thing (but, oh, wouldn't that be so much fun to watch!).

4. Get rid of all his/her stuff

Anyone who's had their heart broken knows that one of the first healing steps is to get rid of all the "stuff" you two shared. Many people burn the photos, trash the stuffed animals and give away the borrowed sweatshirts that were never to be returned. Unfortunately, celebs can't do any of that because there's a chance that the stuff they throw out will end up on eBay, and any bonfires would surely end up on TMZ. Instead, we suggest the virtual purge. Delete all the old e-mails, text messages and even the number to get started. As for the material objects? Haul them up to the attic until you're no longer the talk of the tabloids, then throw, give or burn away as you wish.

5. Go shopping

It always helps to feel fabulous after a heartbreak, so what better way than to go on a shopping-spree and do some serious damage? Of course, for our famous friends this might mean bringing back an entirely new closet and maybe a car or two, but hey, if that's what it takes to mend a broken heart, we fully encourage it.

How would you suggest celebrities get over a break-up? Tell us in the comments and on Twitter!