MULTIPLE CHOICE: Which Celeb Stud Would You Drop $80,000 To Spend The Day With?

by Kristen Shalbinski

Earlier today, we told you about a seriously charitable (and we bet majorly obsessed!) "Twilight" fan who dished out $80,000 to spend a day with Robert Pattinson on the "Breaking Dawn" set. Now, $80,000 is a huge chunk of change to spend for just one day with a celebrity, but let’s play pretend for a moment. Imagine that we’re at an auction, and you have a million extra dollars in your bank account. Which celebrity would you bid on? We narrowed our list down to five fine fellows. Vote for your favorite after the jump! And, as always, if we left your dream man off the list, tell us so in the comments!

Alexander Skarsgård: Do we really need to explain this one? Okay, fine. Standing at 6'4" tall (his height makes him even sexier), this Swedish heartthrob stars on one of our fave shows, "True Blood." Oh, what we could do in just one day with ASkars.

Ryan Reynolds: A funny man, and he’s gorgeous; this just doesn’t come along very often. Ryan had us clutching at our sides in films like "Waiting," and then saying "Awww" in rom-coms like "The Proposal." Soon, we’ll all play damsels in distress in the hopes that he will fly to our rescue as Green Lantern. Unfortunately, during this bid we’d have to compete with Mrs. Reynolds (a.k.a. Scarlett Johansson), but I think we’re ready to bring the boxing gloves.

Johnny Depp: At 47 years old, Johnny Depp is still sending our hearts a flutter. Whether he is playing a swashbuckling pirate, a mad hatter or a math teacher in "The Tourist," Johnny would definitely be the most interesting date.

Taylor Lautner: In order for us to bid a ton of cash on Taylor, he would have to promise to keep his shirt off for the entire day. Hey, he did it in "New Moon," so he should have no problem on a date. Besides, we’re the ones spending the money, and it’s for a good cause, right?

Ian Somerhalder: We get googly-eyed every Thursday morning just thinking about seeing Ian later that day play bad boy Damon on "The Vampire Diaries." We would be willing to bid anything just to spend a day looking into those gorgeous blue eyes of his.