Alex Pettyfer Must Play Jace Wayland: An Open Letter To The 'City Of Bones' Casting Directors

Dear "City of Bones" Casting Directors,

Kudos on a great selection for "The Mortal Instruments" protagonist Clary Fray. We're excited to see what magic 21-year-old Lily Collins can bring to the coveted role. Now that the series' leading lady has been found, you'll no doubt be turning your attention to casting the cavalcade of secondary characters. Arguably the most important "secondary" character is Clary's boy wonder, super-dreamy Shadowhunter Jace Wayland. You better believe that if we could jump into a portal and land in your offices, we'd campaign for Alex Pettyfer in person. But since we can't, we hope this letter will suffice. Here are just a few of the reasons the 20-year-old actor should wear the runes.

1. The resemblance

Sure, everyone has their own image of Jace in their heads, but it's hard to deny Alex embodies so many of the traits author Cassandra Clare describes in the series: blond, tall, lanky yet muscular. He's the complete package.

2. A fan favorite

Even before the news broke back in October that there would be a film adaptation of the YA fantasy novel, fans were clamoring for the "Beastly" star to play Clary's love interest. And while the studio doesn't necessarily have to listen to fans when making these decisions, it's nice to think they'd take our opinions into consideration—we are the ones buying the movie tickets, after all!

3. Action adventure experience

You don't need to look far to see that Alex has the action chops to play a demon-hunting Nephilim; just watch the "I Am Number Four" trailer. Alex has some major moves!

4. Again, the resemblance

Can we, but for a moment (or maybe longer!), take a look at this side-by-side of the "City of Bones" cover and a still of Alex shirtless from the movie "Beastly"? Um, anyone else think Alex must have posed for the cover illustrator? They're twinsies!

So there you have it, casting directors: just a few of the reasons Alex Pettyfer must play Jace Wayland. We hope you can make this happen.


Hollywood Crush

Okay, "City of Bones" fans. Do you agree that Alex Pettyfer should play Jace? Or do you have another suggestion? Weigh in in the comments and on Twitter. Don't forget to follow editor Amy Wilkinson, too!