A Day With Robert Pattinson On 'Breaking Dawn' Set Purchased For $80,000!

How much would you pay to meet your favorite celebrity? $30? $100? $2,000? What if it was to hang out with them for the day on the set of their latest movie AND the money would go to charity? Well, one super fan was willing to spend $80,000 to hang out for a day on the set of "Breaking Dawn" with Robert Pattinson. Yes, you counted all those zeros correctly. Talk about one killer Christmas present!

Charity Buzz, which hosted the set visit auction, estimated that the value of the visit plus hotel accommodations and the RPattz meet and greet was around $25,000. The auction kicked off on November 14 with a starting bid of $10,000 and closed Wednesday evening, with the final price far surpassing Charity Buzz's expectation.

The money will go to the GO Campaign charity for orphans and other vulnerable children. Their goal is to empower the kids that they help and give them hope for a better future. So in addition to getting to hang out with the sexy star of "The Twilight Saga" and seeing the actors in action, that money is being used to help an awful lot of children. It's the ultimate giving spirit of the holidays!

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