Ryan Gosling On Marriage: 'It Depends On The Lady!'

As far as we're concerned, the answer to "When will Ryan Gosling get married?" is totally obvious: Whenever he finally asks us. DUH.

But when Ryan sat down with MTV News to talk about his new film, "Blue Valentine"—in which he and Michelle Williams play a couple whose marriage is falling apart—the question of when he'll follow in his character's altar-bound footsteps is a bit less clear.

Interviewer Josh Horowitz sets the stage for talking about the M-word by pointing out the obvious: Ryan, now 30, is officially an adult—

Ryan: (nodding in agreement) I'm a grown-ass man!

—and as an adult, he might be starting to think about getting married.

Ryan: [Silence, followed by several seconds of blank, terrified blinking.]

...Okay, or not.

"I feel like... uh," Ryan says, looking less like a confident leading man and more like a deer in someone's headlights. "You know."

Uh-oh—looks like someone's a little afraid of commitment. But Ryan tries to elaborate, anyway: "To me, that stuff's funny. Just the idea that, you know, you're gonna get married."

But he's not ruling it out, either. Still looking adorably flustered and stammering, he explains, "It depends—it depends on the lady. You have to meet somebody you feel like you can go down that road with. I don't wanna just do it arbitrarily, just to say that I did."

Oh, Ryan. We feel exactly the same way. Soulmates! Call us!

Isn't it adorable when a dude takes lifetime commitment so seriously? Leave your proposals for Ryan in the comments!