Lily Collins Cast As Clary Fray In 'City Of Bones': We Called It!

When the "City of Bones" movie was first announced in October, we speculated about which actresses could play the role of fiery-haired heroine Clary Fray. Among them was Lily Collins, who is best known for her role in "The Blind Side" but is going to be the envy of girls worldwide when her and Taylor Lautner's "Abduction" finally hits theaters.

Now, we do have a bit of a knack for calling these things, so we shouldn't be too surprised that another one of our Casting Couch recommendations has come true: Deadline announced yesterday that Lily nabbed the role of Clary. In the words of Deadline's head honcho Nikki Finke: TOLDJA!

Actually, it makes a lot of sense that Lily was cast considering the fact Scott Charles Stewart was tapped to direct the flick. He directed Lily in "Priest," the upcoming Western-style take on the classic vampire-versus-priest war.

And it's "Priest" that is both Lily and Scott's ticket in to "City of Bones." "The Mortal Instruments" saga combines urban teen drama with the supernatural world in a very modern way, and "Priest" deals with both of those elements, as well. We're just hoping "Priest" and "City of Bones" are a hell of a lot better than Scott's first film, "Legion," but considering his background is in special effects, we can at least be guaranteed that "City of Bones" will look pretty!

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