MULTIPLE CHOICE: Which Celeb Would You Like To Have For Secret Santa?

This week's "A Very Glee Christmas" not only got us in the holiday spirit, but it made us glad we didn't have anyone like Sue Sylvester (Jane Lynch) for Secret Santa! While we wouldn't mind buying for Jane herself, we got to thinking about other celebs whose names we would like to draw for the holiday tradition. Not only would you have the thrill of buying for you favorite stars, but you'd have to get super-creative with a $50 budget. Here's a list of famous faces we'd gladly hit the malls for (and what we might buy them):

Robert Pattinson: Since our undying love is free, we'd have to think of some other things to get RPattz. His "Water For Elephants" co-star Reese Witherspoon recently likened Rob to a "Titanic"-era Leonardo DiCaprio, so perhaps a DVD of the Oscar-winning classic would be a nice addition to his collection. We'll also throw some bronzer (with no shimmer) in there for when "Breaking Dawn" wraps filming!

Emma Watson: There's no way we could possibly buy the "Harry Potter" star any clothes nearly as amazing as the ones she already has , so perhaps we could get her some super-cute hair accessories (and a hat to keep her cozy for during winter) for her adorable new 'do? Or maybe just a gift certificate to The Olive Garden!

Matthew Morrison: He gets enough hair tips and products on "Glee" (Sue did get him an electric razor, after all), so let's give the poor guy a break and focus on his other best asset (no, not his abs!). Since we know he can't rap this way, we'd wrap up a copy of Rock Band 3 to place under Matthew's tree.

Ian Somerhalder: Perhaps the most charitable person on our wish list, we would definitely make a donation to a charity in "The Vampire Diaries" star's name (quite literally, with his own Ian Somerhalder Foundation!).

Vote in our poll below and let us know which star you would love to draw for Secret Santa, and be sure to tell us in the comments section what gifts you would buy them!