Are Ryan Gosling And Blake Lively Dating?

Today in news that makes us want to simultaneously cry and stab something: Blake Lively and Ryan Gosling have been spotted together again (remember that Disneyland outing in October?), and sources say that they're looking pretty coupled-up.

According to E! Online, Blake flew back to New York all the way from a Parisian photo shoot—just to attend the NYC premiere of Ryan's new movie "Blue Valentine," where she skipped the red carpet and slipped through a side door to spend the evening with the actor. The two also attended the premiere after-party together at the Standard Hotel, where a fellow partygoer noted that they looked pretty friendly. How friendly? Let's just say that we lost consciousness and went into a jealousy-induced blackout somewhere around the words "his hand on her knee."

His hand on her knee, you guys.


Blake isn't in the habit of hopping continents for just anyone, and her appearance last night makes it a fair assumption that these two aren't (as they claim) just friends. But without confirmation from their publicists, there's still time to hope that the real reason for her cross-Atlantic trip was something less, say, a sudden craving for New York pizza.

Yeah, that's probably it.

But they do make a cute couple, don't they?

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