'Vampire Diaries' Star Ian Somerhalder Teases Tonight's Episode And 'Delena'

With only hours left until tonight's fall finale of "The Vampire Diaries," fans are undoubtedly on the edge of their seats in anticipation for the crazy twists and jaw-dropping moments to come.

While the promo for tonight's episode gave us a delicious taste of what to look forward to, we hit up Ian Somerhalder (who celebrated his birthday yesterday!) for some extra scoop on what to expect, as well as some insight into Damon's relationship with Elena (Nina Dobrev), the predicament with Stefan and all the dangers (including werewolves!) descending upon Mystic Falls.

"Where Damon is left in this episode is in a very, in a very intense place," Ian told us. "I mean basically Damon has been starting to feel a lot and it's frightening to him, it's annoying, it's totally unnatural to him, and it's been so long and he's avoiding it."

Could these "feelings" D is experiencing have anything to do with Elena (we think so!)? We asked Ian if the two were finally back on track, after you know, he killed her brother.

"I think he's got a pretty tough road with her. I mean his actions consistently demonstrate what she truly abhors, you know, which is selfishness, death and destruction. I mean, Elena is the complete antithesis of that," Ian said. Right, well we could see how that's a problem...but luckily so does Damon. "I think that he wants so desperately to be in her good graces and he realizes that he screwed up."

But Ian said that even though Damon really wants to be back on good terms with Elena, what’s most important right now is just keeping her safe because she is in a whole lot of danger.

"He's in major protection mode right now, and he'll do anything for that little Elena." Swoon.

That apparently includes rescuing Stefan (Paul Wesley) from the tomb. While the old Damon would have totally taken advantage of having Elena to himself, the new Damon isn't putting his needs first.

"It would seem as though Stefan in this cave away from Elena stuck with Katherine is exactly where he'd want him to be, but he wants to get his brother out of there. I can't imagine being stuck in there with her," Ian said. "He needs him. He needs his brother. There are some elements coming to town that are highly problematic to them and that pose a serious danger to everything that Damon loves, and it's a tough time for him."

Speaking off all the threats coming to town, we asked Ian whether the rumors about Damon being bitten by a werewolf were true. "There are a lot of wolves running around, and that's not a good thing. I can say that, I can definitely say that," he told us cryptically.

Guess we'll have to wait and see! We, of course, had an endless number of questions for Ian (who was so gracious!), but as we noted yesterday, he had to run to shoot a very important "TVD" scene.

"I'm naked in the shower in about an hour, and Damon's taking a bubble bath with candlelight and a glass of wine at the end of the episode."

Obviously, we weren't going to keep him from that.

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