'Blue Valentine' EXCLUSIVE Clip: Ryan Gosling Sings, Michelle Williams Jigs!

The staggeringly beautiful and heartbreaking trailer for "Blue Valentine" features one Mr. Ryan Gosling serenading Ms. Michelle Williams with a sweet little song as he plays a ukulele. Luckily, MTV has snagged an exclusive clip of the moment leading up to the adorable song-and-dance number.

Ryan and Michelle, playing their on-screen couple during happier times, stand outside of a bridal shop in Brooklyn. Ryan, plucking away at his instrument, asks Michelle if she can dance, but she sheepishly hesitates to answer.

"I'll play a song and you dance," he suggests and she (like any woman in her right mind) obliges. After dropping her purse and coat Ryan positions her under the entryway of the store, which happens to have a heart hanging on it (swoon!).

With Michelle ready to dance, Ryan warns, "I can't really sing. I have to sing goofy in order to sing. Like, I have to sing stupid." Of course anyone that's heard his band Dead Man's Bones before, knows that simply is not true.

As soon as Ryan begins to play ("You always hurt/The ones you love/The ones you shouldn't hurt at all," he croons), Michelle, looking adorable in knee-high boots and a skirt and top, breaks into a side step/tap dance sort of jig.

Even in these small tidbits from the movie, it's easy to see how the actors, and their characters, had amazing chemistry. Now, if only they'd release the soundtrack soon...

"Blue Valentine" hits theaters, in limited release, on December 31st.

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