Hey Girl, Ryan Gosling Knows All About F--- Yeah! Ryan Gosling

If you're as gaga for Ryan Gosling as I am, then the hilarious Tumblr F--- Yeah! Ryan Gosling (link contains naughty language) is probably your Bible. If not, let me explain its simple (yet stellar) premise. Each chuckle-worthy post is comprised of an image of Mr. Gosling superimposed with a zany caption that always begins "Hey Girl..." (because you know he totally talks like that).

Now, we've always wondered if Ryan, who seems to have a pretty great sense of humor, was aware of all the sweet nothings he was sending to one (very lucky) Girl. This tweet from his band, Dead Man's Bones, made us think he must. Nonetheless, we just had to ask about the internet meme when we sat down to chat about his upcoming film "Blue Valentine." And as it turns out, he not only knows about F--- Yeah! Ryan Gosling, he was game for a recitation of some of the site's choicest posts (while attempting to control his own giggling fits). Ladies of the world, you're welcome.

"They're hilarious," Ryan replied when MTV News' Josh Horowitz asked if he was familiar with the blog. "I write them actually," he added jokingly. "It's my site. I didn't feel like I was getting enough..."

Ryan then shuffled through the print-outs Josh brought, finding the funniest to read aloud (seriously, I'm pinching myself). I also love the preamble he gives each post. "Here's one of me looking at some ducks, and I'm in some kind of 'Star Trek' jacket. I don't know why I have that. And it says, 'Hey Girl, I'm just sitting on the dock of the bay, wishing i could waste the rest of the day with you instead of these ducks.'"

The actor was clearly impressed by the blog's accurate portrayal of his manly charms. "They've nailed it," he said with a grin. "I'm going to make a movie about 'Hey Girl.'"

From your lips to God's ears, Ryan.

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