Johnny Depp Feels 'Emasculated' Being Replaced By Ryan Reynolds As Sexiest Man Alive

Johnny Depp may have been one of the few men to hold People's Sexiest Man Alive title twice, but that doesn't make the fact that Ryan Reynolds stole the title from him this year any easier. The 2009 (and 2002) winner of the prestigious title got a bit emotional when MTV's Josh Horowitz brought up the touchy subject while chatting about Johnny's upcoming film "The Tourist."

"I feel, yeah, emasculated. I feel like I've been beaten down like some horrible, you know, pathetic harp seal. But I mean, you know, that's how it goes, doesn't it? " Johnny said all sexy and self-deprecating like.

Johnny and his costar Angelina Jolie are certainly set to win the title of sexiest onscreen couple when the film hits theaters this month, but it's clear that getting to make-out with Vanity Fair's Most Beautiful Woman In The World wasn't enough to ease the crushing devastation of having the young upstart from "Van Wilder" and his delicious six pack replace Johnny in sexiness this year.

"I think I can work my way forward. Will I try for that again? No," he joked with a laugh. "I worked so hard to gain that title, and they just, they just, oh god." Is that a tear we spy?

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