New 'I Am Number Four' Trailer: Alex Pettyfer, Dianna Agron Get Romantic

What a banner week for Alex Pettyfer fans! First came the new trailer for Alex's March romantic drama "Beastly," and now we're treated to the theatrical trailer for his sci-fi action flick "I Am Number Four" (due out February 18). If the earlier teaser trailer left you thinking this romp was too heavy on the action and too light on the romance, well, this one will surely set the record straight.

The clip starts out in much the same way the first teaser trailer did: explaining the mythology behind the movie. Alex plays one of nine aliens who take human form and escape to earth for refuge from an enemy species known as the Mogadorians. Each of the nine extra-terrestrials is numbered, and they can only be killed in sequential order, which means when the first three are brutally murdered, Number Four (Alex) must run for his life.

While posing as high school student John Smith, Alex becomes romantically entangled with real-life girlfriend Dianna Agron, and this is where it gets good. There they are meeting in the school hallway! There he is reading her journal (okay, kinda creepy, Alex)! There he is catching her as she topples off of a rooftop! (Did we forget to mention there's a hay ride too?) Adorableness overload. But don't worry: There's enough action to temper all the lovey-dovey moments—and guarantee your boyfriend's butt will be in the seat next to yours at the cineplex.

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