MULTIPLE CHOICE: Which Of This Year's YA Novels Was Your Favorite?

Show of hands: Who agrees that 2010 was a pretty darn good year for YA novels? Our bookcase certainly tells the tale: Suzanne Collins set the world ablaze with the gripping finale to her "Hunger Games" saga. Stephenie Meyer surprised us with a "Twilight" novella we didn't see coming. And Hilary Duff took on a new role as author, debuting her very first novel. We were protected by the ever-vigilant eyes of the Shadowhunters and watched our backs for evil Strigoi. We went back to the beginning with our favorite fashionista and got an extra sweet dash of L.A. candy.

All in all, we hardly had time to devour all of this year's stellar reads. We certainly have our favorites, but we want to hear from you: What was your favorite YA novel released this year? Cast your vote after the jump. The poll will be open until December 14 at 12 p.m. (ET) when we'll announce the results!