Katie Couric To Put On Dancing Shoes For 'Glee' Appearance!

More details are emerging about CBS Evening News anchor Katie Couric's appearance on "Glee," and let's just say they're kinda Tea-riffic! Access Hollywood caught up with star Jane Lynch, and as she's wont to do, she dished details about the newswoman's guest turn on the post-Super Bowl episode.

"I haven’t shot with her yet, but yeah, she’s going to be in our Super Bowl episode," Jane spilled "She’s also doing a dance with [Matthew Morrison]. She’ll be doing 'Tea for Two'"—a song from the 1925 musical "No, No, Nanette" re-popularized by Doris Day in the 1950 film, coincidentally called "Tea for Two." (Though I'll always remember the Michelle Tanner version that drove sister Stephanie bananas!)

Considering Katie's dance skills caused a bit of a furor on the internet last year, we can't wait to see what moves she busts on "Glee." Though, we'll admit we're a bit bummed to hear she'll be getting her groove on to such a dullsville song as "Tea for Two." Hopefully, the powers that be at "Glee" will see to it that the song is updated—and we pray to Grilled Cheesus—funkified.

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