Reese Witherspoon Likens Robert Pattinson To 'Titanic'-Era Leonardo DiCaprio

Thank you, Reese Witherspoon for being the one to say it: Robert Pattinson is the heartthrob of the 2000s, just like Leonardo DiCaprio was in the 1990s. While promoting her upcoming rom-com "How Do You Know," Reese talked a bit about working with Rob on "Water for Elephants" and the crazed fan attention that he got on set.

"The only thing I can compare it to is when Leo was in 'Titanic,'" she told MTV News. "It was that kind of fervor about a person. The women lining up outside the set—it was just unbelievable—till 5 o'clock in the morning waiting to just glimpse him."

"Water for Elephants'" Tennessee set was across the country from "The Twilight Saga"'s Vancouver set, but that didn't stop fans from staking out to see their favorite sparkly vampire in action. And they already knew what Reese gradually learned on set: He is definitely a British babe. "He is extraordinarily attractive. I'm not gonna lie," she admitted.

That might be a bit weird coming from the woman who played Rob's mom in "Vanity Fair," but obviously a lot has changed since 2004. Rob was only 18 then and hadn't even starred in his breakout role in "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire" yet. Now he's the man that can send millions of women into swoons just by batting his eyelashes.

"Robert is such a great guy from a great family," Reese told us. "That's the thing that's so funny. He's not really this bad boy; he's just a great guy and really worked hard on 'Water for Elephants.' He really worked long hours, long days. He looks totally different in the movie."

We saw some paparazzi shots from "Water for Elephants" a couple months back, but we're still waiting on a trailer for it. Considering the film is set for release on April 15, you can expect that we'll be seeing one hitting the web soon.

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