Director David Slade Tries To Explain Why 'Eclipse' Is Best 'Twilight' Movie So Far

By now, you've probably watched the "Eclipse" DVD at least once, though we suspect that figure numbers more in the tens or twenties. (One Hollywood Crush reader tweeted that she's watched it 35 times already! Is that even mathematically possible?!) However many times you've seen the "Twilight" film, we bet it's only reaffirmed many fans' (and critics') opinions that "Eclipse" is the best of the far. When we chatted with director David Slade last week in anticipation of the DVD's release, we couldn't help but ask why he thinks the third film is the favorite.

"I think it had the best story," he said. "And the most action."

That's all well and good, David, but we think you had a little something to do with it, too.

"You know, I did my best," he said with a chuckle. "The director of the film is always the harshest critic of the film. What you do is spend two years or a-year-and-a-half or whatever it is intensely, emotionally working on something. You watch it a thousand times. What you're doing is assembling it together, and then there's a bunch of cracks, and you're closing the gaps in those cracks. And then, what happens in the end, you go, and you start noticing those cracks again. It's the same with any film."

Yes, David clearly is his own worst critic, but he did admit the film had a lot going for it.

"I certainly do believe we had one of the best stories," he said. "'Eclipse' is the fans' favorite book, behind 'Twilight,' the first book. There's so much in terms of backstory and understanding characters. It has a very clear progression to Bella's transformation; not physically but emotionally. That's something that is important. That, along with the fact that we had so many fun backstory moments. We had a Western. We had a 16th century historical piece. We had a '30s period piece, as well as the rest of it."

It did sort of feel like "Eclipse" had several movie-within-movie moments, didn't it? We can only hope "Breaking Dawn" lives up to its predecessor.

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