Are 'Vampire Diaries'' Damon And Elena The New Pacey And Joey?

On last night's totally intense episode of "The Vampire Diaries," poor Stefan (Paul Wesley) got stuck in a tomb with Katherine (Nina Dobrev) and made Damon (Ian Somerhalder) promise to protect Elena. Damon, of course, didn't hesitate to accept, and as he walked away, Katherine hissed that Stefan had made pretty much the biggest mistake of his life.

I didn't make much of what Katherine said until this morning when I realized that I've seen this happen before. No, not in my life (if only it were that exciting), but on another show that I used to literally run home to watch every week: "Dawson's Creek." You see, today it's Stefan-Elena-Damon, but back then it was Dawson-Joey-Pacey. The latter triangle combined with Katherine's ominous words could provide some serious hints about what's to come for our favorite "TVD" threesome.

Now, on the surface "TVD" and "DC" could not be more different. "TVD" is all about vampires, action and crazy plot twists, while "DC" was firmly rooted in (human) teenage angst (although "Vampire Diaries" has no shortage of emotion!). But the two series, produced a decade apart, have one big thing in common: Kevin Williamson.

Kevin is the creator and a writer for both series, and if we learned anything from "DC" it's that no one does a triangle quite like he does. For those of you who didn't watch (you so missed out), "Dawson's Creek" started off with the relationship between Dawson (James Van Der Beek) and Joey (Katie Holmes), two best friends who fell in love. Of course, they weren't without their problems, and not long into their relationship they split up, prompting Dawson to turn to his best friend Pacey (Joshua Jackson) (who constantly bickered with Joey) to watch after his girl. Sound somewhat familiar? Yeah, that's what I thought too. Side note: If Stefan is Dawson, Elena is Joey and Damon is Pacey, does that mean Katherine is Jen (Michelle Williams)?!

So what ends up happening between Pacey and Joey as he's watching after her? Their love-hate relationship turns to...well, just love (even though they both try to resist, sort off). They go through their rough patches as well, and over the years Joey wavers between Dawson and Pacey (not to mention countless other boys), until the series finale, when she finally declares that it was Pacey all along.

Again, the entire Pacey-Joey story really took off once Dawson asked Pacey to watch after Joey, so has Stefan made the same mistake? The similarities are certainly pretty striking. That being said, Stefan is no Dawson Leery, and while he and Elena had the break-up talk a few episodes back, they seem to be headed back in the right direction. So we're not getting too comfortable with our theory. After all, this is Kevin Williamson we're talking about here, and we doubt the master of plot twists will play a story the same way twice.

What do you think? Was last night's "Vampire Diaries" episode the beginning of a relationship (or maybe just a renewed chemistry-filled friendship) between Damon and Elena? Do you see the similarities with "Dawson's Creek"? Tell us in the comments section and on Twitter. Don't forget to follow writer Nuzhat Naoreen, too!