Natalie Portman, Mila Kunis Talk 'Black Swan' Hunger Games

The only bad thing about playing a ballerina is that you have to look like a ballerina—all long limbs, lean muscles and not even a hint of womanly curves. It's no easy feat, even for already-slender actresses like Mila Kunis and Natalie Portman, who both had to become dangerously skinny for their roles as professional ballet dancers in "Black Swan." Yet, as hard as it was to lose weight, Mila marveled at how quickly her body transitioned back to its normal size once she finished filming.

"In my experience, putting on weight took no time," she told MTV News during the movie's premiere. "When I lost the 20 pounds, it took months and months and months, and I was always hungry!"

Natalie admitted that the lack of food started getting to both actresses after awhile, saying, "Mila and I had, y'know, sweatpants nights, watching "Top Chef"... and suddenly we were on set together in tutus, like, emaciated and tired."

And after that ordeal, the two emerged from filming with raging appetites. Mila got a somewhat feral look in her eye when she recalled, "And the second they were like, 'You can eat now!' I was like UNNNNNNNNGH."

So UNNNNNNNGH, apparently, that she didn't waste any time finding something to stuff her face with. The first thing she ate? Low-rent Chinese takeout from the Panda Express at JFK airport.

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