Taylor Swift And Jake Gyllenhaal's Romance Covers Us Weekly

Over the Thanksgiving weekend, a stealthy camera phone paparazzo snapped one of our first looks at new couple Taylor Swift and Jake Gyllenhaal as they grabbed coffee and breakfast in Nashville. Well, there's no need to squint and strain your eyes peeking at that blurry image anymore—Us Weekly has exclusive shots of the pair canoodling over the holiday in Brooklyn (is that one of those yummy-sounding maple lattes in Taylor's hand?).

The issue's cover shows the two strolling in Brooklyn's cozy Park Slope neighborhood where Jake's sister, Maggie, lives. Taylor has her arm draped over Jake's shoulder as the two share a cute laugh. (We want in on the joke!)

A source told the magazine that even though the pair has been dating for just five weeks, things are getting heavy, fast. "It’s definitely serious," the source spilled.

Though we're still scratching our heads over this whirlwind romance (he's nine years older than her!), we have to admit the two make a seriously adorable couple. Does this mean it's officially time for the celeb couple nickname? Jaylor? Take? Maybe not.

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