'Eclipse' DVD Countdown: 6-Part Making-Of Documentary Is Reason No. 4 We're Psyched!

OME, only four more days until "The Twilight Saga: Eclipse" hits stores on DVD! Should we dub this auspicious day Sparkly Friday in Edward's honor? After all, Jacob got his own spending-spree holiday last week. (That is why they call it Black Friday, right?) While the judges reach a verdict, today we're coming at you with the No. 4 reason we're pumped for this particular film to hit home video.

Yesterday we talked about the DVD special feature that allows fast-forwarding to all the Edward or Jacob scenes in the film (swoon!), but today we're all about the special six-part making-of documentary. Mum's been the word on what the documentary actually entails, so we decided to ask director David Slade if he could give us a little preview of what fans can expect.

"I can't remember it," he admitted rather sheepishly. "I do remember having to watch it to approve it and stuff."

Uh, well, that works out too. Apparently the people involved in the documentary did such a good job blending in that David completely forgot that they were on set filming! Since he was only directly involved in the DVD when he made a commentary for the deleted scenes (we'll get to those bad boys later this week), David unfortunately didn't have too much top secret information to spill.

"All credit due to the people who made the behind-the-scenes. They were almost invisible when we were making the film. They really were exceptionally discreet. So I can't remember them ever being there," he said. "I noticed them with a camcorder every now and again. I remember grabbing a hold of it once or twice and gesturing into the camera, but other than that, I don't remember them being there. You could attribute this to old age."

All the more reason to pick up the DVD, we guess!

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