'Eclipse' DVD Countdown: Edward And Jacob Are The No. 5 Reason We're Psyched!

As you all know, "The Twilight Saga: Eclipse" DVD is coming out this Friday at midnight finally, and we couldn't be more excited. To help get us hyped for all those extra hours we get to spend with Bella, Edward and Jacob—now in the privacy of our own homes—we've decided to post a different reason we're excited for the release every day this week. We're kicking it off with the reason we love "Eclipse" the most of all the "Twilight Saga" flicks: more Edward and Jacob.

If "Twilight" was all about introducing us to our love for Edward Cullen, and "New Moon"'s main purpose was to make us question whether we should instead be falling for Jacob Black, then "Eclipse" is here to let us know that, unlike Bella, we can have them both. And Summit Entertainment is making it easy for us by having "Edward Fast-Forward" and "Jacob Fast-Forward" features on the DVD that allow us to—you guessed it—fast-forward to our favorite Edward and Jacob scenes.

Our favorite Edward scene is definitely the sleepover. How could it not be? We could watch that make out session and the leg hitch on repeat for hours. I mean, Bella's face is kind of covered, so it makes it easier to pretend that we're the girl Edward is macking on. That meadow scene is a close second though, made all the more special by the fact that it's the first scene we were teased with so long ago.

Fortunately for all you Jacob lovers out there, Edward isn't the only one getting some quality Bella time. How could we forget that first kiss in La Push (and the intense confrontation afterward), or their last kiss up on the mountain? That's plenty to swoon over by itself. Yet, in proper werewolf fashion, Jacob is shirtless for a majority of this film, often with his fellow wolves half-naked surrounding him, which gets us swooning even more. We definitely have a soft spot for pretty boys.

I think most "Twilight" fans would agree, though, that one of the best scenes in "Eclipse" includes both Edward and Jacob, so it should make it to all of our jump-to lists. I'm of course referring to "the tent scene," also known as "the hottest night on the coldest mountain ever." That's a sexually tense moment I'm sure we're all grateful we'll have on DVD.

What are your favorite Edward and Jacob moments that you're looking forward to? Tell us in the comments and on Twitter. Don't forget to follow writer Terri Schwartz, too!