Taylor Swift And Jake Gyllenhaal Spotted Grabbing Thanksgiving Coffee!

Lots of people find the holidays depressing, but there certainly weren't any tears on Taylor Swift's guitar during Thanksgiving last week. While the rest of us were burning the yams and fighting with ravenous family members over the last slice of pie, the country star was spotted looking happy, healthy, and (oooh!) canoodling in the company of her not-confirmed-but-so-obviously-boyfriend Jake Gyllenhaal—in two separate locations!

The pair first appeared in Brooklyn, sipping maple lattes at a coffee shop in the same neighborhood where Gyllenhaal sibling Maggie lives, according to People. Could the couple be doing a little family meeting-and-greeting? We're guessing yes—because just two days later they were together again, this time in Taylor's hometown of Nashville, having a late breakfast near Music Row (pictured here).

Neither Jake nor Taylor have been willing to spill the beans about their relationship in recent interviews, but fellow diners at both locations reported that they definitely looked date-y. And if they managed to survive the whirlwind of holiday travel, family intros, and embarrassing dinner-table convo about Uncle Barry's gallbladder, we'd say that their relationship has great long-haul potential. But either way, it's the fans that win because no matter what happens, you just know that Taylor's gonna write a song about it.

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