'Breaking Dawn' FIRST LOOK: Bill Condon Releases Honeymoon Feather Image

Here's something to snap you out of your trytophan-induced revery: The first official image from "Breaking Dawn"! Yesterday, Director Bill Condon posted on the "Twilight" Facebook page: "Happy Thanksgiving and a crazy Black Friday to all of you and yours" along with the image below. That's right, we have feathers, people!

We probably don't need to explain the significance of this photo to you, but indulge us for a minute anyway, okay? This is clearly Bella's (Kristen Stewart) hand grasping a clump of runaway feathers...from destroyed pillows...that were chewed up by Edward (Robert Pattinson)...to avoid biting Bella...while the two had sex...for the first time...on their honeymoon...on Isle Esme. OME!

Now, we've had plenty of paparazzi shots to feast on over the last few weeks while the duo was shooting in Brazil, but seeing the first official, legit image from the production really is a Thanksgiving miracle, don't you think?!

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