'Eclipse' DVD EXCLUSIVE Clip: Robert Pattinson Calls Jacob 'Gross' In Tent Scene

I have a little rule about not bringing up Christmas and the holiday season until after Thanksgiving, what with all the nonsensical extra-early holiday ads already running and such. However! I am breaking that rule today because here at Hollywood Crush, I feel that Christmas has come early in the form of an exclusive clip from the "Eclipse" DVD, complete with commentary by the one and only Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart!

What's in the clip, you ask? Oh nothing, really. Just Rob and Kristen talking about Jacob in my favorite scene of the entire book series (and likely the film franchise as well)—the "tent scene!"

So without further ado, feast your eyes and ears upon this entertaining little gem.

"Slurp your coffee a little bit more," we hear Kristen say to Rob, while in the scene Edward and Jacob argue over just how close the hot-blooded one can get to Bella. "That’s what the fans want."

"It’s not coffee," Rob says. "It’s an Arnold Palmer," he adds, attempting to pronounce it with an American accent.

"You’re drinking an Arnold Palmer?" Kristen asks, sounding amused. "Having a little lemonade and iced tea?"

Their beverage banter is cut short when Jacob crawls into Bella's sleeping bag, which finally draws their attention to the movie.

"God, he’s so gross. So brazen!" Rob says. "I really don’t like Jacob."

"Aww," Kristen says.

"Look at him and his tattoo and stuff. Ugh," Rob scoffs.

"He’s just young and overzealous," she says, in defense of the young wolf.

"He’s not!" Rob insists. "He does it on purpose. He’s looking at me when he’s saying this stuff."

"Yeah, that is weird," Kristen agrees.

"What is wrong with him? He’s like, 'I don’t even care about her, I just want to…'" Rob trails off.

"Look at him cradling!" Kristen points out, which makes Rob burst out laughing. "His little head nooked in there," she describes.

"You look like you’re milking him," Rob adds, and then they both laugh, and the clip ends.

Such a deliciously delightful tease, don't you think? We can't wait to see and hear the rest of KStew and RPattz's commentary.

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