Jackson Rathbone EXCLUSIVELY Debuts New 'Kolpix' Video!

Welcome to the second installment of "Twilight" star Jackson Rathbone's EXCLUSIVE web diary on Hollywood Crush! Today's entry is especially juicy as it features not one, but two 100 Monkeys exclusives. First, is the band's new music video "Kolpix." That's right, you're seeing it here first. The video, directed by Jackson's bud William Schmidt, finds the band members rocking out from different far-flung locales.

"Everyone has such a fun time performing on stage," William said speaking to Jackson. "I thought it was really fun that you [the band] all have your own personalities, so we kind of divide you up and put you around the world in different points and watch you play."

"We filmed on location," Jackson explained with a sly grin. "Very exotic locations like Brooklyn. Los Angeles. Milan, Italy. We flew Jerad Anderson and [William] to Milan. And Nepal. It was difficult getting Uncle Larry up to Nepal."

Watch "Kolpix" below and keep reading for more 100 Monkeys scoop.

The second bit of news from Jackson's diary? The name of the band's upcoming album! Liquid Zoo! Monkeys! Zoos! It's a regular issue of National Geographic up in this joint! We kid, we kid.

All right, Jackson fans. Time to weigh in. What did you think of "Kolpix"? Will you buy Liquid Zoo when it comes out? Tell us in the comments section and on Twitter. Don't forget to follow Hollywood Crush editor Amy Wilkinson, too!