Anne Hathaway, Jake Gyllenhaal Talk 'Glee' Guest Apperances, Interviewer's 'Teen Wolf' Growl

We've been hearing a lot about the awesome friendship shared by co-stars Jake Gyllenhaal and Anne Hathaway ever since they finished filming their upcoming steamy romance, "Love and Other Drugs"—but we didn't know just how awesome it was until the pair sat down for a chat with MTV News. Faced with their first question from Josh Horowitz, Anne and Jake put their easy rapport on great making merciless fun of their interviewer.

Josh starts out with a standard question: Which actor, Anne or Jake, should we be looking out for on an upcoming episode of "Glee"?

Anne starts to answer, but Jake jumps in with a complaint directed at Josh: "The way you're talking is creeping me out."

Everyone laughs as Jake starts imitating Josh's interview style, muttering, "It's this very weird, very quiet, sort of weird talking and it's really freaking me out—do you hear yourself? It's this, weird perverted thing..."

And then they're off and running, with Anne joining in and growling, "I'm just wondering about your sex tape. Your sex tape. Do you sing in your sex tape?"

Awww, poor Josh. The guy's only doing his job. But fortunately, we do get a real answer. Says Jake, "She's probably gonna be on 'Glee' first, she's hugely musical and totally out there—"

"But all those things apply to you," Anne interrupts.

"But it terrifies me," Jake continues, "and she's so confident in this way. So I'm gonna give that to her first."

Okay, next question! What song would Anne want to sing if she were cast on...

Oh no, wait they're back to making fun of Josh.

"I think we should start talking like him," Anne jokes, while Jake explains again that the whole thing is creepy and "Teen Wolf"-y before they both start laughing hysterically.

Once they calm down, though, Anne chimes in: "I actually had a real answer to that!"

Turns out, Anne has actually given some thought to the whole "Glee" thing. "This probably sounds a little conceited," she explains, "but the thought has crossed my mind. I would want to do two duets, one with the young man who plays Kurt. And I'd want to sing a song from 'Into the Woods', called 'Children Will Listen'—"

Jake jumps in again, saying, "This is so Annie. Do you see how specific this is?"

Anne gives up, saying, "You know what, I'm not going to say it now."

There you go, Jake. Way to ruin everything. Jake's explanation for all the over-energetic rudeness?

"I'm sorry, sorry," he says. "I had a cupcake."

Oh, well. In that case.

Do you get a kick out of Jake and Anne's banter?

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