Best And Worst 'Harry Potter' Fashions: The Crush Compilation

The "Harry Potter" films aren't exactly known for their fashion flair, but we've definitely seen a progression of smart dressing choices over the course of the years. They didn't start out on the strongest note (oh, those Hogwarts robes!), but by the time we saw "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1" we had to admit we were a little impressed.

In honor of just how far we've come since "Sorcerer's Stone," we've decided to take a look back at the best and worst fashion choices of the past seven films. Unsurprisingly, Emma Watson as Hermione Granger is on the "best" list a lot.

Best: Hermione's Yule Ball dress

The Yule Ball in "Goblet of Fire" was definitely a fashion high point in the series because it was the first time we actually got to see our favorite witches and wizards get glammed up. Cho Chang and Fleur Delacour made great appearances in their Yule Ball finery, but Hermione totally stole the show with that pink fluffy dress. Not only did it prove to the world that Emma is much more gorgeous than we had realized before, we also got to see the first stirrings of love between Hermione and Ron.

Worst: Ron's dress robes

Unfortunately, Ron didn't perform as well when it came to Yule Ball finery. Always stuck with Weasley hand-me-downs, the ruffly robes looked like they were better suited for a witch than a wizard. Fortunately, this is the lowest point for Ron throughout the entire series, and it all goes uphill from here.

Best: "Order of the Phoenix" Quidditch outfits

Compared to the brightly colored Quidditch robes from the previous "Potter" films, the rugged, leather-padded robes in "Order of the Phoenix" were a welcome change. Not only did Quidditch become that much more badass in the fifth film, but its players actually looked hot (not that Cedric Diggory and Oliver Wood weren't hot before).

Worst: "Sorcerer's Stone" wizard robes

Yes, they were close to the robes described in the book, but the wizard robes in "Sorcerer's Stone" (and "Chamber of Secrets," for that matter) are so darn boring. Yes, they're adequate for an 11-year-old wizard, but we're glad that the costume designers quickly left these robes on the dressing room floor.

Best: "Prisoner of Azkaban" casual clothes

In fact, we only had to wait until the third film for Harry, Ron and Hermione to show that they actually can dress themselves with some semblance of style. The outfits that they put together for themselves in "Prisoner of Azkaban" (okay, Harry and Hermione more than Ron) were so refreshing and actually pretty cute. We could totally have seen wearing Hermione's outfits when we were in middle school.

Worst: Dolores Umbridge's obsession with pink

Pink can definitely be a smart fashion choice, but Dolores Umbridge's outfits of all pink, all the time are definitely some of the worst decisions in the entire series. Add that to the fact that her personality is the exact opposite of "pink" and her all-together terrifying actions, and Umbridge is definitely on our "worst" list.

Best: Dumbledore's Army

"Order of the Phoenix" was definitely the film of good fashion decisions. Boy, did those Dumbledore's Army members look sharp! That's what we like to call private school chic.

Worst: Weasley Christmas sweaters

Between hand-me-downs and homemade clothes, Ron Weasley got the short end of the stick when it comes to the fashion department, and his mom's Christmas sweaters were no exception. Sure, they were made with nothing but love, but the Weasley siblings (and Harry for that matter) all cringe when they get them in the mail. Okay, so they're kind of cute.

Best: Fleur Delacour's wedding dress

Hopefully most of you have seen "Deathly Hallows: Part 1" by now, but if you haven't, be prepared to totally fall in love with Fleur's wedding dress. We wish that the wedding scene had gone on that much longer just so we could have seen the dress a bit more.

Worst: Severus Snape

Yes, we get it, you all think Severus Snape is a babe, but he definitely isn't one of the strongest dressers in the Hogwarts teaching department (we'll leave that for Gilderoy Lockhart). He's worn pretty much the same dull black robes since the first "Potter" film, and we're pretty sure he hasn't washed his hair since then either. It's okay, once you hear his whole sad story you'll forgive him for some bad fashion decisions as well.

Click on the image above to see pics of all 10 looks in our "Harry Potter" best and worst fashion flipbook!

What are your favorite fashion moments in the "Harry Potter" series?