Celebs Toast GQ's 'Men Of The Year,' Alexis Bledel Joins Twitter In Today's Tweet Dreams

James FrancoJames Franco (pictured) was just one of the men toasted during last night's event in Hollywood for GQ's Men of the Year (he graces one of the magazine's five covers for the 2010 issue!). The stars came out to celebrate the "127 Hours" star, including Jaimie Alexander who posted, "just got home from the GQ Men Of The Year event. Lots of fun. Congrats James Franco xo :)" It seems no matter which men they came to cheer on, celebs had fun at the event, including Wilmer Valderrama, who tweeted, "At the GQ Man of the Year party.. With @dannymasterson and @Colin_Hanks yep family reunion! http://twitpic.com/37u4ku."

As GQ welcomed James into the "Men of the Year" family, the Twitterverse followed newcomer Alexis Bledel. The "Gilmore Girls" actress joined today and wrote her first tweet, "Hello twitter! Xo" and later added, "I know I swore I wouldn't tweet, but I got so tired of hearing about fake me's, so here I am. To clear the air! It's me Alexis." In case you had any doubts, fellow actress (and verified tweeter) Mena Suvari told her, "@iamAlexisBledel hey babes! Welcome to Twits! Lol? Hope you're well & having a beautiful day! ???"

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@pink my love @hartluck made me breakies in bed this morning:) Happy 9th Anniversary baby!!!!

-Pink, Singer

@jodellemicah I am SO FREAKIN excited for Harry Potter 7! Gonna go to the theatre armed with a box of tissues, ready to cry my way through the movie!

-Jodelle Ferland, Actress ("Eclipse")

@danecook I promised unexpected twists & turns right? I'm making my debut on Broadway this spring In the Neil LaBute play Fat Pig. Beyond excited.

-Dane Cook, Comedian, Actor ("Employee of the Month")

@oliviawilde Shooting with Mr Sexiest Man Alive all day was fun as ever, and for the record is he also humble. May have made a deal with the devil.

-Olivia Wilde, Actress ("TRON: Legacy," "House")

@yelyahwilliams @MissKellyO you look so gorgeous on the cover of shape!! Damn girl.

-Hayley Williams, Singer (Paramore)

@travisgarland did anyone else just see @rustyrockets on conan? i think the only person laughing harder than me was @conanobrien.

-Travis Garland, Singer

@1capplegate So I will be on "Conan" the 23rd of Nov. Just giving you adequate time to find TBS.....#conan

-Christina Applegate, Actress ("Anchorman," "The Sweetest Thing")

@rippedlikejesus I just saw Gwen Stefani and she saw me. I was dressed as a Native American and she was dressed as a confused superstar. Why on this day God?

-Greg Behrendt, Comedian, Writer ("He's Just Not That Into You")

@jennaldewan Was rushing, finished makeup in the car tonight, was told after I walked the carpet that I had smudged white powder on my face. Greeeeat

-Jenna Dewan, Actress ("Step Up," "Take the Lead")

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