Emma Watson Says Being A Fashion Icon Makes Her 'Nervous'

Emma Watson is one of those Hollywood starlets who could make even a garbage bag look like a fashionable find (though, fortunately, she's never had to don Hefty couture!). Miss Watson's developed into quite the little fashionista over the years, and is now someone who many people expect to set style trends. It seemed fitting, then, that Sarah Jessica Parker attended the NYC "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1" premiere to pass the fashion flag (or at least in our imaginations that was why she was there!).

Between the premieres of last year's "Half-Blood Prince" and this past week's "Deathly Hallows: Part 1," Emma has wowed us over and over with her gorgeous outfits. From her "Half-Blood Prince" gray gown to that gorgeous black Prada dress she wore in NYC, to the feathery number she flaunted at the London premiere of "Part 1" (and many more). Emma has convinced us that she is a fashion icon. Unfortunately, she doesn't feel the same way.

"I keep hearing that fashion icon thing. It makes me nervous. Please don't say that," Emma told MTV's Josh Horowitz. "It's like obviously a huge compliment, but I am suddenly aware that every outfit I wear is being analyzed."

We always get to see her all glammed up, but Emma promises that she is not in Hollywood fashion mode all the time. "When I'm at college, I don't put in half as much effort as I probably should. I get very lazy," she said with a laugh.

Fortunately, for a star as beloved as Emma, the scrutiny isn't too harsh for an occasional fashion swing and a miss. And she agreed that she doesn't let modeling herself as a fashion icon stress her out too much. "I just still try to have fun with it and try not to pay too much attention and just kind of enjoy it," she said.

Do you consider Emma Watson to be a fashion icon? What is your favorite look she's flaunted?